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The online membership that will transform your journey to a successful feature through:

 Accountability, creating a strong mindset, and learning from the best.

First 3 months for free if you join before October! 

A yearly membership is
£74.99 or $99.99*

*Which is less than a cinema ticket a month ;)


How does the Female Film Club work if I don’t have time?

Most of our events are between 45-60 min. Our FFC app makes the club easy to access anytime, anywhere whenever you have a min or two. We don’t have any clutter/advertisement on our app so you won’t waste time scrolling through uninteresting junk to find valuable information. If you have time to scroll through social media, you can scroll through the FFC and get one step closer to your successful feature instead ;). 

Will the FFC be worth my money?

We’re so confident it will, we’ll give you the first 3 months (!!) subscription to check it out yourself. You can always cancel your membership before your payment is due.

Meditation Park* (2018) by Mina Shum
*Screened and discussed with Shum in the FFC, members can watch the replay.

I am trans/genderqueer/non binary, can I join the platform?

Of course! This platform is not only for cis-gender woman but EVERY WOMXN or non-binary filmmaker is more than welcome to be a member! We are committed to making the club as inclusive as possible and welcome any feedback. Our mission is to work towards a film industry that celebrates ALL humans and are willing to listen, learn, and amplify the voices that have been silenced for too long.
In addition, if you are a male-identifying filmmaker that would love to level up with us, our doors are open.

I’m a mother with a young child and very busy, how can this work?

We’ve created the club with you in our minds and have therefor decided that every meeting is child-friendly, you can bring your child along and we’ll make sure that everyone watches their languages and the topics are appropriate when there are children around. This way you don't have to choose, we'll make sure you can do it all!

Listen* (2020) by member Ana Rocha de Sousa
*Screened and discussed with Rocha de Sousa in the FFC, members can watch the replay.

I have many female film connections already, what can the Female Film Club add?

That’s great! The Female Film Club is more than just a networking platform, we are here to get you accountability and to support your growth. We're an international community that supports and cheers you on a good day, a bad day, and everything in between. 

 Why is it all women? 

It's no surprise that there is a big gender disparity in the film industry. We are here to ensure that women don't hold themselves back from making a successful feature (because there's never enough of them!). We have created a safe space where sensitive conversations can be brought up and discussed, particularly female specific problems as there is a lack of support for women in the film industry.
We still value and champion brilliant films made by men and will recommend those films who honour the female gaze.

Edie* (2017) - Simon Hunter
*Screened and discussed with Sheila Hancock in the FFC, members can watch the replay.

I am not technical, will this be tricky?

You’re speaking to the most A-technical women, because of this we made our membership platform extremely easy to use, if we can do it, so can you! On top of that we’ll guide you through any problems and you can always email us. As long as you’ll have a smartphone or laptop you’ll be absolutely fine.

 I am too shy to network and do it with video

Don’t worry, this is exactly why many women join the Female Film Club. You see how comfortable you’ll feel after just one meetup and how welcoming our members are. We’ll make sure you’ll feel relaxed and heard. The sessions are being led, and there is no pressure at all on the amount you’ll speak.

Walk With Me* (2016) by member Lisa Ohlin
*Screened and discussed with Ohlin in the FFC, members can watch the replay.

My English isn’t great

With 36 different nationalities in the club, no one expects others to be fluent in English. Everyone in our community is respectful and we LOVE having so many women speaking different languages.
Google translate and join the conversation in the chat is always an option, perhaps there are more members that speak your language and Nicole and Liza speak 9 languages combined so there might even be a chance we can translate for you!

I can watch films on Netflix + Amazon, why do I need the Female Film Club?

The algorithm might not push those great indie films forward that can really enrich your life, we filter them for you and provide you with resources about the film so you know the backstory of the female filmmakers. 

Honeymood* (2020) - Tayla Lavie
*Screened and discussed with Lavie in the FFC, members can watch the replay.

I don’t just want to watch indie films

We’re choosing a broad range of female directed, written and produced films and because of the budget many female filmmakers get, this results often in them being (prestigious award winning) indie films. These films will enrich your filmmaker career and open your mind in ways that the average blockbuster won't. 

           Animals* (2018) by member Sophie Hyde
*Screened and discussed with Hyde in the FFC.

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